Monday, April 9, 2018

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Just a few pictures...

Building a zoo on the block rug

Creating the jungle at the easel. We learned that jungle has 3 layers!

Map of the zoo!

Weighing our 100 day items

100 fingerprints

Making a map of a zoo

Pretending to be a Zookeeper
Building a jungle

Happy 100th Day!

How much does yours weigh? Is it light or heavy?

Playing with Kibo-Robots with Mr. Hall! 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Happy Catholic Schools Week! What a busy, fun filled week we had! We kicked of the week with pajama day which is always a huge hit. Who doesn't love wearing their pajamas to school? It was such a great way to begin celebrating such a special week. We also enjoyed wearing our Patriots gear this week as well. We had a LIFT assembly on Thursday with Fr. Matt where we got to sing and pray with the whole school. What a great experience. We did a great job. What a wonderful, special week we had!

This week we continued to talk about our Farm Unit, focusing on why farmers have animals. We discussed how farmers need animals for many different things, one of the most unexpected answers was simply because farmers love to take care of animals! How adorable! We are still enjoying playing in our pretend horse stable as well as our pretend barn area. It is a nice way to enjoy some "warmth" with all this cold and snow outside!

During Literacy small group we worked more on identifying beginning sounds. We played a game where we each got an item and had to identify the item and the sound that the item began with. We really enjoyed this game and will continue to play this game in the future. We also played a game where we had to identify which sound did not sound like the other. When we would hear a word that did not begin with the same sound as the others we would make a farm animal noise such as a "moo" or a "baa" to show that it was different. We all thought this was hilarious. Who knew learning could be so fun?? This week we also worked on the letter Jj during small group time as well. We worked on writing it, identifying words that being with Jj and coloring pictures that being with the Jj sound. We are moving right along with our alphabet!

During Math small group we worked on comparing sets of items and using math terms to describe them such as " more, same number, as many as, and not as many". We also talked about "fewer". Some of these terms were new to us so they were a little tricky to get used to but we will continue to work on them.

During story time this week we read "Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type". We really enjoyed this book about Farmer brown and his silly cows that used a typewriter to communicate with the farmer. We also got to listen to it on CD which was a nice treat as well. It is always special to hear someone else read a story once in a while. Because we enjoyed this book so much, as a special treat, we read "Click Clack, Peep" which was about Farmer Brown and a silly chick. These are great silly stories about farm life that really gave us a lot of time to chat and work on recalling what happened in the story before rereading it in the next time. We loved them.

Next week we will enjoy a visit from the Walpole Dental Associates to talk all about Dental Health, continue talking all about Farm Life and learn about the letter Dd. It is going to be another fun week!

Please send in your Valentine Bags to decorate by Tuesday February 6th. A medium sized gift bag will work great! Thank you!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Some Farm Life Unit Pictures!

Building a Farm on the rug

Reading all about Farm Life

Giddy Up Horsey! 

Playing on the Farm

Enjoying  a farm puzzle

Fun in the Farm Sensory Table

Newsletter-January 22,2018

This week we continued our theme of Life on Farm. We began by learning that working on a farm can be a lot of work, but there are some tools and machines that help farmers with their work. The tractor was a favorite machine that helps farmers pull a wagon. It can also help plan seeds in the soil of a field in a row(many at one time). We talked about other tools farmers use such as a shovel, a hoe, and even a pitchfork! We talked about how farmers raise certain animals like cows, chickens and horses. Farmers also grow crops. We discussed how we use wheat, corn and cotton. Ask your child which crop he/she felt was the most important.( We made a graph as as clas and it ended in a tie between wheat and a cotton.

During Literacy Circle and Small Group this week we introduced segmenting words. We broke apart the beginning sounds of words from the rest of the word. This was a big challenging at the beginning of the week, but as the week progressed the children really seemed to grasp the concept. We also learned about the letter Ss.

During Math Circle and Small Group this week we added fingers to make 5, modeled stories added 1 more and introducing story problems with the number 5. The children really enjoyed making up their own stories beginning with a few of something and then adding to solve a problem.

Our Story Time book this week was called Otis By Loren Long. Ask your child who Otis was and who he became good friends with? (Hint:Otis is a little red tractor and his friend is a baby calf).

We had a great discussion about how Jesus wants us all to have inner peace, how jesus came to show us how important it is to be peaceful in our homes and in school and in our daily lives. We can all do kind things, be loving and ask for forgiveness when sometimes we may not make the best choices or hurt someone unintentionally.

Hope to see many of your at this Sunday's 9:30am Mass. January 28th, here at Blessed Sacrament Church to begin the celebration of Catholic Schools week!

Catching up on January

Catching up on January:

The Week Of January 8, 2018:
We hope you had a healthy and joyous time with family and friends over the break. Although it was nice for us as well, we are so happy to have everyone back in school.

This week we continued the theme of All Around our Community as we learned about the different kinds of communities where people live.  We learned some people live in the city, some live in the country, some live in a town, and others live on a farm. We learned about some things that are the same in each community (Ask your child - hint: children go to school; people have neighbors; people can grow a garden) and some things that are different (hint: cities have buses and busy streets with crowds of people trying to get from one place to another usually quickly; the country has more wide-open spaces with grass and trees, etc.)

During Literacy Circle and Small Group this week, we focused on rhyming words (words that have the same sound at the end). We found them in our weekly poem, and enjoyed many laughs together finding them in our small group game. We needed to have our best listening ears on to be able to hear which words really rhymed!

During Math Circle and Small Group this week, we reviewed all that we learned throughout this unit about geometric shapes - cubes, spheres, cylinders, cones, rectangular prisms; and we experimented to make new shapes. (Ask your child why some shapes stacked better than others.)

Our story this week was The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin.  Some
people like to grow food; others like to grow flowers. Ask your
child why this one neighborhood decided to grow both!

Talking about Martin Luther King, Jr., gave us an opportunity
to help the children learn that working together and
always striving for peace is the best way to live in any


The week of January 15, 2018:
This week we began our unit all about Farm Life. We started out by talking about the many aspects of the farm in terms of day to day life on a farm, the animals that live on the farm and if we would like to live on a farm. Most of us decided that we would like to live on a farm and help take care of the animals. We also worked on the letter Gg this week as well. We are working hard on writing our letters with many different mediums from crayons, pencils and even dry erase markers. We love using the white boards!
This week we enjoyed playing in the dramatic play area which was set up as a barn scene. We played with barnyard animal puppets and could even wear animal masks to act out some farm yard fun!  We loved getting to act out our favorite farm animals with our friends. We also enjoyed playing with toy farms and animals as well as the items in the sensory table. So much farm fun to be had!
During small group time we worked on writing the letter Gg, identifying things that began with the letter Gg and working on the sound that the letter Gg makes. We also worked on identifying the beginning sounds of many words. This was a little tricky so we are going to keep working on it over the next few weeks.
During math circle we talked about the many ways we can make 5. We used various counters to demonstrate how the number 5 looks the same no matter what we used. We enjoyed adding items together in different orders to make 5 and realizing that the final number never changed! We really enjoy learning all about numbers.

Thank you for donating all of the great supplies that were brought into the class this week. We appreciate them all so much. They really do help us out so much. We could not make the class as great as it is without your help and support!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

December 1, 2017

What a busy week we had! Santa's Workshop, class pictures, a visit from Officer Hart and book buddies, how much more fun can we have?? The two favorites of the week were definitely meeting Santa and our visit with Officer Hart and his service dog. We loved getting to ask him questions about his job and learn all about what he does in our community. What a wonderful way to help us learn more about community helpers this week!

We really enjoyed having time to play in our centers this week too. We loved playing in the sand table, playing with the fire station, using mini white boards and working on creating numbers with mini erasers. We also really enjoyed learning about geometric solids, especially cones because then we got to talk about what kind of ice cream cones we liked to eat!

Next week we will begin our Christmas unit and talk about all the things that make this season so special. There is so much to talk about from the very important religious topics to the fun Christmas crafts that we wanted to make sure we had enough time to fit it all in. We will also work on reviewing letters we have talked about so far this year rather than introducing new ones. We will finish up Unit 3 on Our Community once we return from Christmas break.

Next Wednesday is our Polar Express Day!! Be ready to have some Polar Express themed fun!! Wear your PJ's!!

Look what I wrote!

"Will you send this to my mom?"

We love white boards!

Making numbers with mini erasers!

Thank you for visiting us Officer Hart!

We loved learning about your job as a community helper!

Santa's Workshop!! We got to see Santa!!!

Geometric solids at the Math Center. Sorting and matching.

Fun at the Sensory table.

More number fun!